About Us




I’d like to give you a big southern welcome to the premiere issue of Mud &  Magnolias, a magazine that can, and hopefully will, be your guide to life in the South.  We derived the concept from our own selfish desires to have a magazine that catered to us Southerners by delivering great content.  Every issue of Mud & Magnolias will highlight aspects of southern life that only we would understand.

If you grew up jumping off riverbanks, drinking sweet tea, riding back roads after Friday night football games and you still have never tasted anything better than your grandma’s cookin’, then this magazine is just for you.  Each issue will lead you through anything from food to traveling to fashion. Mud & Magnolias will always do one thing for its readers: listen and serve.  That means we want your feedback because we want this magazine to meet all of your needs.  We are in this together.

The staff and I need this magazine as much as anyone, which is why we created it. I hope this magazine helps you as much as it helps me.  I hope you keep coming back, because if there is one thing I love about my life, it is the relationships I have built with strong southern people that share my love for this place.  Let’s be friends and experience Mud & Magnolias together.

Ellie Turner, Editor