10 Signs You’re a Rebel

Editor Ellie Turner (far left) with her friends at The Grove.
Editor Ellie Turner (far left) with her friends at The Grove.

By Ellie Turner

1. A tshirt and jeans isn’t in your Gameday wardrobe.

2. You know better than to bring a cooler full of beer to the tailgate.

3. People say The Grove, The Circle, The Square and the Hotty Toddy Potty and you know exactly what they are talking about.

4. Missing kickoff isn’t an option because you have to see who does the “Are You Ready?”

5. You know how to have a good time despite the outcome of the game (i.e. we may lose the game, but we never lose a party!)

6. You can be halfway across the world and if you see someone sporting an Ole Miss logo, you say Hotty Toddy and it’s not weird or confusing to either party.

7. You know the “Chevron at Four Corners” serves what seems like the most divine delicacy of Southern cuisine, also called chicken on the stick. (Disclaimer: it probably only seems this way after a full day of tailgating and a night of bar hopping.)

8. Congested areas and long lines don’t bother you and swarms of people don’t intimidate you, because when you happen upon The Grove, all you want to do is go in and be part of the family gathering.

9. After the game, you go back to your tent, stick around and make plates of food for the football players who come through to mingle with fans.

10. “Fins Up” isn’t the tagline for a beer, and when you hear it, you know what to do.


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