7 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Count

It’s that time of year again. Time to throw open your windows, break out your rubber gloves and do some spring cleaning. Some love it, some hate it – but regardless of your feelings, here are a few tips for easily achieving a cleaner home this spring:

1. Don’t try to do it all in one day. It’s tempting to try to do all of your spring cleaning at once, but that’s also how you’ll end up overwhelmed, sitting on your couch looking at Facebook instead of getting things done. Break your to-do list down into manageable pieces, either by room or by task. Try deep-cleaning a few rooms at a time spread out over several days or doing all of the dusting one day, all of the mopping the next day and so on. Make specific to-do lists (or use our list, which you can find at the bottom of this post or on Pinterest) and cross things off as you go.

2. Clean out as much as you clean up. Spring is the perfect time to take inventory of the items you keep in your home. As you clean, sift through your closets, drawers, bins and baskets. Look for items you haven’t used in a while and consider whether or not you need to keep them. Also, be sure to dispose of anything that is broken or clothing that no longer fits. Take the things you decide you don’t need to your local thrift store.

3. Take the time to clean those hard-to-reach spots. Baseboards, door frames, ceiling fans, behind your furniture, on top of your refrigerator and, yes, even your walls. Cleaning these dust-collecting areas will make your home feel extra clean. Then be sure to change your air filters to help keep dust at bay. 

4. Don’t forget to clean appliances. Appliances make our homes functional, so keeping them clean and in good shape is essential. This is especially true of dishwashers and washing machines, which can easily develop mildew that’s hard to get rid of. During your spring cleaning, thoroughly scrub down your microwave, refrigerator and oven inside and out. Clean smaller appliances, like coffee makers and toasters, too. Lastly, get into your dryer’s vent and clean the lint out (it catches the lint that the lint screen doesn’t).

5. Wash your linens. You already wash your sheets regularly (hopefully), but your other linens deserve some attention every now and then as well. Wash throw blankets, comforters, pillow shams and throw pillow covers. Curtains can harbor dust and other allergens, so take those down and wash them, too. Your whole home will feel and smell fresh when you’re done.

6. Use this opportunity to do small repairs you’ve been putting off. Use all of this spring cleaning as a motivator to make simple repairs around the house. Think small projects you could do yourself like touching up caulk, repairing cracks in tile grout, patching small drywall holes or fixing squeaky doors.

7. Refresh your decor. You deserve it after all that cleaning! When the last load of linens has been washed and dried, treat yourself to something new for your home. It could be as simple as a bouquet of fresh flowers from the grocery store or as big as that piece of furniture you’ve been eyeing at the antique store.


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