Administrator Profile: Bre Anna Heard

By Cristina Carreon // Photo by Lauren Wood

Union County-native Bre Anna Heard was recently appointed the new principal at Blue Mountain High School, officially starting in the fall. The experienced educator and fashionista has been a go-getter in other areas of life as well. 

Heard most recently served as assistant principal at Ripley High School in Tippah County for two years and spent the eight years before that working in Union County. She has worked in education as a teacher, an athletics coach and a testing coordinator for the past 11 years. 

Heard said her first passion was sports and she grew up an athlete. She played sports in high school and played basketball at Blue Mountain College, but said academics is her passion.

“I love kids, I loved education for myself, and I wanted to share that love with children,” Heard said.

But late in life, Heard faced challenges to her active lifestyle. Heard was diagnosed with a serious case of Crohn’s disease during her third year of teaching and she has had multiple surgeries, even going septic at one point. Although the educator and athlete has spent a lot of time in hospitals, she has not let her health issues stop her from doing what she loves: working with kids.

“It has been very challenging but also very rewarding because you learn what you are made of, you learn what you can do,” Heard said.

Today, Heard enjoys dressing up for work and starts her new job in Blue Mountain during summer. She also recently became engaged.

“You learn you can overcome anything that comes your way because I was not supposed to make it; not every day is a good day, but we get up and we come to school because we want to love on these kids and be there for them,” Heard said.

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