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Haley Moffitt’s friends have been lining up for her makeup skills since junior high. In 2014, Moffitt launched Amplify Cosmetics, her own line of hand-picked makeup and skincare essentials. Two years later, she has a new studio, a few new tricks and the same dedication to quality that has earned her loyal customers in her hometown of Ripley, Miss., and across the country.

Moffitt calls cosmetics her “true passion”–a hobby she indulged even while earning her Master of Business Administration degree and working towards a career in the corporate world. Much to her delight, she is able to put her schooling to good use as an entrepreneur and owner of her own studio and cosmetics brand instead.

“I would do people’s makeup and would constantly be asked about purchasing what I was using, and I would have to send them to a large chain store not even knowing if they still sold the product,” she said.


“I started my brand because I wanted complete control over it. I wanted control over what was being discontinued so my customers wouldn’t be left out in the cold if they had a favorite product. It was very important to me to know how my products are made.”

The process of curating a beauty brand took Moffitt approximately two years. Her standards are non-negotiable—products must be cruelty-free, high-quality and manufactured in the United States. Plus, they have to get the seal of approval from her panel of friends and family with various skin types. The products that make the cut are stocked in her studio in Ripley and on her website ( Clients can come in to make purchases or book free full-face consultations.

“A lot of people think I make the products, but I do not. I let the laboratories and dermatologists that know these ingredients make the formulations,” Moffitt said.

“I purchase from about four companies right now, depending on which products I like best from each. I do my own labeling to keep the price point down, though. I try to keep my price point as low as possible to make it an affordable, high-quality product.”

As Moffitt, wife, mother and school board member, has gotten older and perhaps wiser, she has developed a love for skincare that rivals her makeup obsession. Her line includes a vast selection of both. In her makeup applications, she prefers a limited amount of foundation and concealer and more emphasis on the eyes.

“If you take care of your skin, you don’t need a lot of makeup. I like makeup to play in,” she said.

Moffitt’s creative ventures are not limited to the studio. She is also the official makeup artist for the National Physique Committee and is involved in state pageant networks.

While her in-house sales are growing rapidly, Moffitt has no desire to sell her products in other salons.

“I want growth, but I want local growth,” she said.

“I know once my products leave my hands, I have no control of how they’re being sold. I don’t want people to buy products they won’t like or don’t need. Right now, I’m happy to just be a local Mississippi company.”

Moffitt’s main goal is to just stay true to the name she branded her line with: amplify.

“When I do make-overs, my goal is for my client to feel more confident and more beautiful than she did when she came in. The definition of amplify is to intensify, magnify, to make stronger or to boost. I want to intensify and magnify my client’s favorite features and I want to boost and strengthen their confidence,” she said.

“I don’t want them to feel like a different person; I just want to emphasize what they have.”

Story by Carmen Cristo // Photos and video by Lauren Wood



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