Open House

We chatted with teachers and administrators across the region to introduce you to your children’s educators, and what they’re most excited for as they head into the 2021-2022 school year.


Sign Gypsies Tupelo

After a year of so many being overworked and overlooked, and feeling under appreciated, Dana Hobby, owner of Sign Gypsies Tupelo, saw firsthand just how far acts of kindness and appreciation can go. Hobby herself works at a hospital, so she’s seen the burnout up close.


Outdoor Creations

“It’s just a really cool job that I dreamed up,” said Jason Owen.
A few years ago, his church in Okolona was looking for a playset, something reminiscent of Noah’s Ark. Owen tried to find someone in the area; when he couldn’t, he offered to do it himself.


Seeing Through a Different Lens

“All I wanted to do was be average and be like everyone else.”

When Cecelia Moseley was in the second grade, she was diagnosed with dyslexia, a learning disorder that makes it difficult to differentiate letters and words. Usually, she would get pulled out of class to get special help.


Confetti Cake

We’re obsessed with all things sprinkles, and after having a slice of this cake, we think you will be, too. We opted for fun, flower-shaped sprinkles to make sure they wouldn’t bleed through as the cake baked. This cake is just as cute as it is tasty!