The Coopers’ Getaway Cabin

Gary and Sharon Cooper weren’t necessarily looking for a new home or a lake house, but their family were regulars to the area, as they would take their boys to JP Coleman State Park just about every year when they were growing up. When they saw the incomplete and vacant cabin up for sale, they bought it, thinking they would complete it, and be done with it.


Honey, I’ll be Humming with the Bees

Darrell Cunningham walks out of his home dressed in white beekeeper’s equipment. He waltzes over to his hives. He may use smoke to calm the hives, but his bees are so gentle that he may forgo this step. He starts singing, belting in his backyard, “I’d start walking your way, you’d start walking mine, we’d meet in the middle, ‘neath that old Georgia pine,” by Diamond Rio; or maybe singing one of his own singles, like his song, “Bee Man.” When he reaches for the lid on the hive, his voice softens as he greets his bees with a, “Hey, Babies! How y’all doin’?” before continuing his gentle work, chatting with the bees in a tone that can only be described as having been dipped in honey.

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