Back to School: Style & Insight From 4 Local Students

The beginning of August brings the beginning of another school year. Students everywhere are getting their school supplies, backpacks and first-day-of-school outfits picked out. We rounded up some local students to tell us how they’re preparing to start another year of school and give us some back-to-school style inspiration.


Name: Mia James Huey

Age: 7, 2nd grader at Pontotoc Elementary School

Q: What is your favorite thing about school? Learning and seeing my friends.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor.

Q: What is your favorite subject at school? P.E. because it’s fun.

Q: What’s something fun you did this summer? Swimming.

Mia is wearing an outfit from Reed’s in Tupelo. Shirt by Tea $35.50, dress by Tea $49.50, sandals by Freshly Picked $40. 

Name: Lewis Russell

Age: 10, 5th grader at Tupelo Christian Preparatory School

Q: Packed lunch or school lunch? Packed. Sometimes my mom makes me tacos.

Q: What is your favorite subject at school? Math.

Q: What are you looking forward to about this school year? Meeting my new teachers.

Q: Which subject do you have to study the most for? Probably history.

Lewis is wearing an outfit from MLM Clothiers in Tupelo. Johnnie-O shirt and shorts, prices available upon request. 

Name: Rayna Russell

Age: 17, senior at South Pontotoc High School

Q: Which school supply item could you not live without? Notebook paper because we’re always taking notes.

Q: What advice would you give to someone starting high school? Don’t be scared. Everyone is really friendly! 

Q: What’s something you miss about elementary school? Nap time.

Q: Where are you thinking about going to college? I’m hoping to get a scholarship to attend Itawamba Community College and play soccer.

Rayna is wearing an outfit from Ella Ivy in Pontotoc: Corduroy jumper by Others Follow, Free People thermal $78, Free People mules in denim blue $148, Ella Ivy signature statement necklace $40, tassel earrings $26

Name: Chance Hughes

Age: 18, Itawamba Agricultural High School class of ’18 graduate, freshman at Itawamba Community College

Q: Any advice on how to start the school year off on the right foot? Stay organized! And study.

Q: What was the most challenging school assignment you ever had? It was a junior year project where I had to pick out a book, and then do a research paper and PowerPoint presentation about it, with a couple of other things.

Q: What was your favorite extracurricular activity in high school? Baseball.

Q: What are you most looking forward to when you start at ICC in August? Meeting new people.

Chance is wearing a Knotted Pine T-shirt ($30) from Square Gift Co. in Fulton. 



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