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For as long as Madison Pearson can remember, Christmas has been a special time of the year for her family. When her mother, Tracy Chambers, opened Tool Mart Inc. in Golden, the importance of the holiday season took on new meaning. Her home, which she shares with her mother, stepfather Daryl and sister Maycee, has become known locally for its all-out Christmas décor.

“From decorating, to being with family, and most importantly, celebrating the birth of our Savior, Christmas brings so much joy and blessings to us that it’s hard not to be at the top of the list as our favorite Holiday,” said Pearson.

Tool Mart Inc., or TMI, is a wholesale tools distributor, home store and holiday emporium. They supply Christmas decorations—wreaths, trees, plates, ornaments and more—for homes all over the region, and they make certain their own home is not without holiday cheer.

“Mom selling Christmas decorations has definitely made decorating at our house different over the years,” Pearson said. “When I was younger I remember having the basics and everything more simple. Now, it’s on a whole new level! We’ve perfected things a lot more, and if you’re not covered in glitter, then you didn’t do something right.”

Just a couple miles from the store, Chambers’ home sits on a hill. Santa sits on his sleigh out front, poised to take off, and nutcracker statues flank the doors. These outdoor decorations are favorites of Pearson and her family. On the doors hangs an enormous wreath—a true marvel of greenery and ribbon. Just inside, guests are greeted by two drummer boys, welcoming you to the holiday home.

Each room has its own theme and collection of pieces. In the office, you will find Christmas books on the desk and side tables. One of the many nativity scenes, featuring the wise men, is on display near the door. Just across the hall, the dining room is filled with festive color—bright hues of red, green, yellow and blue—with an elaborate tablescape and matching place settings.

“All of the decorations at our house come from TMI. Some are collections from over the years and some things are new,” Pearson said. “TMI has a little of everything.”

At the end of the hall sits the main tree. There are many trees of different sizes in the Chambers home, but this is the one under which presents are placed. The tree itself can barely be seen under ribbons, sprays and ornaments meticulously placed. The top of the tree nearly reaches to the second floor of the home.

In the living room, a more classic collection of Christmas décor lines the tables and mantle in hues of deep red and gold. In the eat-in kitchen, you will find Christmas pottery, holiday cookbooks and even more trees.

Decorating the home is a family endeavor. Once Thanksgiving is over, the tree comes out. Pearson said getting everything just right takes at least two days, and that’s if they work non-stop. And while their home might only be decorated for a couple months, Christmas never really ends for their family.

“As soon as Christmas is over, it’s time to start ordering the next years decorations,” said Pearson. “July is usually when they start putting the decorations back out and getting ready for their Christmas shows.”

With a business that revolves around the holiday season, it seems like it would be easy to lack in Christmas cheer, but for their family, there is no shortage of reasons to celebrate.

“Our favorite thing about Christmas is the time we get to spend with family and the opportunity to help those in need,” Pearson said. “Christmas is such a special time, and you want everyone to feel the joy that God has put in your heart and spread that joy to everyone else!”

This year will undoubtedly hold another busy season for the Chambers family. They will put in long hours, selling presents and decorations, but come Christmas you will find them at home, surrounded by their beautiful decorations and one another. When the celebrations are over, they will put away the drummer boys and garlands and start planning for the 2018 holiday season.

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