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From Mississippi makers to fashion to Southern culture, we explore life in North Mississippi and beyond.


Trailhead Bike & Bed

In the throes of COVID-19, Millette and Lee Nabors were faced with a tough choice: Either open Trailhead Bike & Bed, a lodging site off of Tanglefoot Trail, or put it off.

“‘We’re too far gone now to stop,’” Millette remembers thinking. “The day that I posted on Facebook that we were open and ready for business, the next day I actually had all four rooms rented.”


Traveling: An Insider’s Scoop

Imagine sinking your toes in sand and soaking up the sun as the spray of salty water offers cooling comfort on an exotic island. Or perhaps you round the corner of a trail in the mountains, opening up to a flurry of colors, anchored by a turquoise lake.


Ice Cream Trail Across Northeast Mississippi

Summer is officially here, and that means it’s prime time to enjoy some ice cream. If you’re feeling cooped up in your house, venture out and have fun with it – all while getting a scoop of your favorite flavor and getting out of town. Here are just a few options Northeast Mississippi has to offer, but check your area to see if there are more.


DIY: Paint-Pressed Tea Towels

Not into composting? Crafts can repurpose food waste, too. We dipped our less-than-loved celery hearts, brussels sprouts, asparagus and citrus fruits into paint to create these pretty towels. Watch the video for directions

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