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A Day in the Life of an SEC Game-Day Producer

Leah Beasley is the Deputy Athletic Director of External Affairs at Mississippi State University. For Beasley, who played softball at Louisiana Tech University, it all started while she was earning her MBA from La Tech. Through a graduate assistance program, she worked for her school’s athletic department. At the time, there wasn’t a marketing team for their athletics, so the position was largely, “F.I.O. – figure it out.” Come 2013, she saw an opportunity to work in the SEC, and took a job at State, and has been there ever since. Before her current position, she was the game-day producer for State’s football games. Now, she and her team oversee everything fan-related: From ticket sales until the final whistle blows and the last fan leaves the stadium, Beasley’s department is involved in it all.


Satterfield Pottery

Michael Satterfield grew up farming in the Delta, so he’s used to working hard. He went to Delta State University and was supposed to study business to eventually return to the farm, but took art classes as his electives –– because he enjoyed the classes, not for an “easy A,” he said. Well, when he found out his daughter, Presley, now 12, was on the way, he buckled down and got serious. He met with his advisor to plan a course of action.

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