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From Mississippi makers to fashion to Southern culture, we explore life in North Mississippi and beyond.


A Private Paradise

Turn off the highway, go up a patched-over county road in northeast Monroe County, out past the soybean fields, keep going, and then, down a gravel drive screened by the young oak growth, with the bigger trees out behind. That’s where you’ll find it.


Alfred L. Jones

Upstairs, opposite the train tracks, a bearded man sits near a window, quietly working. His booth is less cluttered than most in Relics, but the walls are lined with sepia-toned artwork, a few splashes of color here and there. The man, Alfred L. Jones, doesn’t dip his paint brushes into a palate; instead, three small Rubbermaid containers. In them, coffee.


A Haunting at the Waverly Mansion

This historic, four-storied, eight-roomed, 8,000-square-foot mansion was completed in 1858 for Colonel George Hampton Young. Col. Young lived there for the rest of his life, and after he died, his children took over the estate. One of his sons, Captain Billy, was a notorious playboy of his day who enjoyed a good party. 


James Woodcraft Company

A lot has changed in one year for John James, an accountant by day, carpenter come nightfall and weekends. A year ago, he signed up for a carpentry class; now, he and his brother create various designs and mark them with their James Woodcraft Company branding iron.

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