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From Mississippi makers to fashion to Southern culture, we explore life in North Mississippi and beyond.


RJ’s Eatery in Fulton

RJ’s Eatery in Fulton is a mom-and-pop shop with old-school vibes. Framed posters of classic cars line the walls; there’s a concession-style menu board; the floors are checkered tile, the kind of thing you might find in a 50s diner. And then there’s Jim Wright, singing and dancing to classic rock while throwing and flipping things on the flat top grill.


How to Be The Change: Dixie Grimes and the B.T.C. Cafe

In a typical Mississippi small town, in downtown Water Valley, there stands a building that’s two stories high. Nobody’s quite sure how old it is, but they know it dates back at least 130 years. Across its lifetime, the structure has served different purposes. It once housed the town’s utility company. It’s been a drugstore and,  as local lore goes, it may have even been a mortuary during the Civil War.


Q&A with Kitchen Professionals

After a hard year for everyone, but especially those in the restaurant industry, we wanted to check in with some regional food figures. From baking to cooking to bartending, check out these kitchen professionals, learn their insider tips and tricks, and check out their restaurants.