How to: Style a Romantic Getaway

With so many uncertainties, it’s hard to guarantee that a honeymoon is just around the corner. But that doesn’t mean the first stint of newlyweds’ lives together shouldn’t be meaningful. If the big honeymoon trip is on hold (or even if you just need a romantic weekend with your love), here are a few tips on how to still feel luxurious at a hotel or Airbnb.


Satterfield Pottery

Michael Satterfield grew up farming in the Delta, so he’s used to working hard. He went to Delta State University and was supposed to study business to eventually return to the farm, but took art classes as his electives –– because he enjoyed the classes, not for an “easy A,” he said. Well, when he found out his daughter, Presley, now 12, was on the way, he buckled down and got serious. He met with his advisor to plan a course of action.


Trailhead Bike & Bed

In the throes of COVID-19, Millette and Lee Nabors were faced with a tough choice: Either open Trailhead Bike & Bed, a lodging site off of Tanglefoot Trail, or put it off.

“‘We’re too far gone now to stop,’” Millette remembers thinking. “The day that I posted on Facebook that we were open and ready for business, the next day I actually had all four rooms rented.”

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