All Roads Lead to Home: A Travel Guide

While rediscovering Mississippi ourselves, we learned a lot of these towns have small historical museums and attractions, and we sprinkled in a few coffee and book shops for fun, too. We also reached out to neighboring cities — Jackson, Birmingham and Memphis — to highlight day trip options there, too. 


Gettin’ Funky at Creature Camp

Seven years ago, when Rebecca Blevins and Brett Hunter bought their camper, they had vague thoughts of renting it out, almost Airbnb style, but they didn’t have a distinct vision for it. 
Not yet, anyway.
“It was just a project at first, just to renovate it,” Hunter said, “Which took forever.”


The Bright World of Pomelo Grove

After a career in the retail industry, Erin Wolff left New York because of the ever-often burnout. 

“(I) knew that I wanted to start my own business, but was kind of disenchanted with the retail world and the never-ending cycle of selling things,” she said. “I knew that (in) my entrepreneurial venture, I’d want to do something that is experience-based and not in the economy of things.”

She and her husband decided to take a cross-country trip before circling back to Nashville; her husband’s family is from Franklin and Murfreesboro, Tennessee, so they’d spent time there. Along their travels, Wolff gained clarity on her vision.


Visit: Savannah, Georgia

In Savannah, Georgia, live oaks are as abundant as pine trees, although they are coupled with more structural soundness and admiration than Mississippi’s pines. Here, New England meets the South without the loss of vegetables cooked with refined sugar.


How to: Style a Romantic Getaway

With so many uncertainties, it’s hard to guarantee that a honeymoon is just around the corner. But that doesn’t mean the first stint of newlyweds’ lives together shouldn’t be meaningful. If the big honeymoon trip is on hold (or even if you just need a romantic weekend with your love), here are a few tips on how to still feel luxurious at a hotel or Airbnb.