Ripping Off the Band-Aid

It’s been a long while since I’ve blogged here. Just check the updated photo for proof ^. I consider this one of my “fun projects,” and I haven’t had much time for those lately. One thing I’m intentionally trying to do lately (and what this post is mainly about) is making time for things that make me feel like me. Writing about motherhood is one of those things, so here I am. Please forgive my absence.


International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day. I could write about a myriad of issues plaguing the women of my generation, but I’m choosing a topic that’s fresh on my mind: mothers in the workplace. I’m not alone, either. Anne Hathaway, UN Goodwill Ambassador and award-winning actress, is shining a spotlight on these issues today as well. This post will probably get far fewer shares, but it is my most important parenting blog post yet. Even if it doesn’t affect you personally, we all know mothers, we all have/had mothers, many of us will raise mothers.


What the Books Can’t Prepare You For

I did what every over-achieving mother-to-be does. I read the books, I listened to the podcasts, I took the organic sewage-smelling prenatal supplements. I maintained a healthy lifestyle, drank water, and sacrificed my weekly bottle of cabernet sauvignon. I relinquished my proud vegetarian status in favor of giving my body more protein to grow a tiny human. I could name five natural birthing styles at the drop of a hat. I did every ounce of work I could with my brain, but my body did not agree.

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