Editor’s Picks


The Coopers’ Getaway Cabin

Gary and Sharon Cooper weren’t necessarily looking for a new home or a lake house, but their family were regulars to the area, as they would take their boys to JP Coleman State Park just about every year when they were growing up. When they saw the incomplete and vacant cabin up for sale, they bought it, thinking they would complete it, and be done with it.


Huntsman’s Cocktail

In the South, oftentimes fall and hunting season are used interchangeably. This warm and cozy recipe keeps wild game in mind, while providing standard substitutions that can be found at any local grocer.


Woodcarvings by Mike

G | Mike Bailey has been practicing his craft since the early 2000s. Since then, he has become a member of the Mississippi Craftsmen’s Guild, and his pieces can be found scattered about Mississippi, sold from stores in the Smokies and sitting in homes as far as Italy and Spain.

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