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Steak Pan Dinner

Easy weeknight dinners are always great to keep in your back pocket, but the flavors are lacking more often than not. With this sheet pan dinner, no worries there!


Lynlee g. Candles

At the beginning of May, soon-to-be-14-year-old Lynlee Grace Hinton (Grace), approached her dad looking for a project. In part, to find something to help pass the time, partly to have “something of her own” aside from her twin brother according to her father, and partly because she’s a self-proclaimed daddy’s girl — but definitely something to help pass the extra time in the house.


A feel-good treat to beat the heat: Oxsicles Popsicles

A week before “the entire country shut down,” Elizabeth Speed signed the papers and became the new owner of Oxsicles, an Oxford popsicle staple since 2017. While the business usually thrives on outdoor events in the area like Double Decker and Watermelon Carnival, Speed had to adapt. Luckily, the previous owner, Lauren Klimetz, set her up for success and taught her everything she learned in her years owning the company.

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