A Work in Practice

At Magnolia Grove, a bell chimes every half hour. With every chime of the bell, silence washes over the monastery. Sister Doi Nghiem greets visitors with a smile, and tells them to think of the person who means the most in their life, perhaps it’s his or her mother.


Gracie Jiu Jitsu

At 56, Larry Pinson has no problem rolling with people half his age or even younger. The owner of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Pinson is no stranger to martial arts, having studied and practiced various styles since he was a teen. But jiu-jitsu is relatively new to his arsenal, which includes taekwondo and hapkido.


2019’s Top 10 Recipes

We love food here at Mud & Magnolias, and based off of our readers’ feedback, you do, too. As we swiftly approach 2020, we took a look back through the year and decided to compile our list of 2019’s top 10 recipes.


The Only Cookie Recipe You’ll Ever Need

These Salted Caramel Chocolate Chunk Cookies are the ultimatum. Throw out all other recipes, because this cookie is the end-all be-all. It brings the familiarity of chocolate chip cookies that taste like comfort, but combines it with the flavor combination we salty-sweet dreamers crave: salted caramel. In attempts to bring about the best cookie, here’s a break-down of the methodology behind each element and why a trip to the store to get the precise ingredients instead of mediocre substitutions will pay off in the end. Buckle up and get pumped, because these cookies will change your world forever.


A Convenient Christmas

No matter how hard we try to deny it, the simple fact is that the holidays can be stressful. Between the craziness of shopping, wrapping, budgeting, traveling, cooking, decorating – and the list goes on – sometimes, it can all be a little too much.

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