Food & Drinks

Tomato Tart

Down here, we love our tomatoes; and our cheese, for that matter. Combine them together for a delightful treat, a tomato tart. Be sure to dry out the tomato slices, to prevent the tart from becoming soggy.


Better Baked Beans

Baked beans are a summer staple in our book. But what if you could make them taste even better? Enter: Better baked beans.

Pro Tip: These better baked beans can be made up to two days in advance, and the cook time can be divvied up between those two days, as well. Once cooking uncovered, each time the beans are removed, there should be a “skin” formed on the surface. The goal is to break that skin, at least three times, but the more the merrier – whatever you have time for.


How to Be The Change: Dixie Grimes and the B.T.C. Cafe

In a typical Mississippi small town, in downtown Water Valley, there stands a building that’s two stories high. Nobody’s quite sure how old it is, but they know it dates back at least 130 years. Across its lifetime, the structure has served different purposes. It once housed the town’s utility company. It’s been a drugstore and,  as local lore goes, it may have even been a mortuary during the Civil War.