Chef Spotlights


A feel-good treat to beat the heat: Oxsicles Popsicles

A week before “the entire country shut down,” Elizabeth Speed signed the papers and became the new owner of Oxsicles, an Oxford popsicle staple since 2017. While the business usually thrives on outdoor events in the area like Double Decker and Watermelon Carnival, Speed had to adapt. Luckily, the previous owner, Lauren Klimetz, set her up for success and taught her everything she learned in her years owning the company.


Ice Cream Trail Across Northeast Mississippi

Summer is officially here, and that means it’s prime time to enjoy some ice cream. If you’re feeling cooped up in your house, venture out and have fun with it – all while getting a scoop of your favorite flavor and getting out of town. Here are just a few options Northeast Mississippi has to offer, but check your area to see if there are more.


Food Truck: The Gypsy

Katy Pruitt and Mickey Fratesi, who run The Gypsy together, have both been in the food industry since they can remember. Fratesi owned a restaurant in Saltillo, and was attracted to food trucks for one major benefit: location. Unlike a restaurant, a food truck is never tied down to one place, and can go where the business is. But first thing was first: they needed a truck and a menu, which would take them two years to perfect.