Health & Wellness

Ready, Set, Go: Running with Rashni Barath

As Mud & Magnolia’s Influential Woman of the Year 2021, Rashni Barath has already captured hearts with her continuous service for her community. However, when she is off the clock, whether it be with work or family, Barath feels most comfortable in her running shoes, hitting the streets or trails of Tupelo whenever she gets the chance. 


Rice Cakes and Repetitions

It was a rice cake that kept Kevin Harmon from winning. To be fair, he argued, it was a chocolate rice cake … just a small patty of baked grains with a hint of cocoa to satisfy his sweet tooth. Still, strong as he is and as small as they are, that was enough.


Rewriting Beauty with Chasi Jernigan

Unlearning harmful rhetoric in beauty-culture is part of Jernigan’s story, and one she shares with women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. Her words, given to followers through bite-sized Instagram captions, is a bit of patchwork quilt: a blend of her upbringing, unlearning and relearning.


DIY: A5 Planner

It’s true – there’s nothing special about January 1st. There is something lovely, though, about dreaming for the year ahead. That’s why we designed this A5-sized printable planner for you, complete with monthly, weekly and daily spreads (and a few fun goal-tracking sheets!)