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DIY: Kitchen Storage Containers

Tired of those ugly packages taking up all your shelf space? Make these counter-worthy storage containers to declutter your pantry once and for all. The cutout lets you know what’s inside, while also letting you know when to restock.


DIY: Marbled Plate Wall Décor

This DIY is a friendly project to renters and homeowners alike. The process involves spraying paint on top of water, and dipping the plates; the paint will stick to the plate, and the water will act as a pillow, pressing the paint onto the plate. This project is as fun as it is beautiful and simple!


Tiling Q&A

Tracey Marshall has been with Adair Carpet & Flooring since 1993; but she’s been in the flooring business basically her whole life. Her father started selling carpets out of their garage when she was just 3 years old. Eventually, he opened a store front, and Marshall joined the team. Since her father’s passing in 2007, she, her husband and her stepmother have been running shop. We sat down with Marshall to ask her some questions about flooring, specifically tiling.