Chef Spotlight | Dutch and Rebecca van Oostendorp

When Rebecca and Damian “Dutch” van Oostendorp built their first wood-fire brick oven in their backyard, it was to satisfy their own cravings. The van Oostendorps had just moved from New York to small town Mississippi, where pizza and bread options were limited to say the least. They became hobbyists, selling their bread at the farmers’ market in Oxford. The response was overwhelming.

“The more we sold our bread, the more people got excited,” Rebecca said. “People encouraged us to open a restaurant, but we thought, ‘no, we’re not doing that.’”

Their next project was schiacciata, a flatbread with dried cheeses and vegetables that they sold during football season to be rewarmed on tailgate grills. They were an even bigger hit than the bread. When the perfect building became available in Sardis, Dutch and Rebecca knew it was time to give the people what they wanted.

The renovation took three years. Now, TriBecca Allie has been going strong for eight years. They see customers from down the street and from hours away, who come back week after week for the pizza, salads and lasagna. Dutch and Rebecca value quality above all else. Ingredients are seasonal and locally-sourced, and every component is made-to-order, down to the salad dressing.

“We believe in fresh preparation,” Rebecca said. “I think people really appreciate when you take your time.”

For inquiring minds, the name is misspelled on purpose. Inspired by their home in New York, they chose TriBecca, changing the spelling to include Rebecca’s name. Allie is for their business partner, Allison.

The van Oostendorps also own the business next door, Frog’s Pearl Station, where they serve coffee and desserts like local ice cream.

  1. Truly a taste delight- whatever you choose. Pizzas are one of a kind and the caramel cobbler is Devine! These two make everyone feel welcomed and at home with a true dedication to outstanding quality and service. Come join them in Sardis. You won’t be disappointed. ????????????????????????♥️????

  2. The food is AWESOME! The atmosphere is GREAT! The people are the BEST!! If you come from down the street or across the country you WILL feel at home by the time you leave!

  3. Do you have accommodations for a Senior Citizen church group of about 20-25 people fir lunch? If so, need hours you are open,

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