Crafts for Kids: Color-changing slime & sweet flower pot

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by Kristina Domitrovich // photos by Lindsay Pace

Do your kiddos get bored quickly? These crafts will help keep them busy, while creating something they’ll enjoy!

Color-Changing Slime


¼ cup white school glue

1 tablespoon water

5-10 drops food dye

2 grams thermochromic pigment*

¼ cup liquid ironing starch

* Opt for a color-to-clear or color-to-white pigment, so when the slime is changing colors, the food color can be seen through. Choose colors based on the color wheel.


Pour the starch into a medium bowl and set aside.

In a small bowl, add the glue, water, food dye and pigment. Mix with a spoon until well combined.

Pour in half the starch, and continue to stir with the spoon until a sticky substance forms and pulls away from the side of the bowls. Using your hands, transfer to the bowl of starch.

Begin stretching and kneading the slime onto itself to fully incorporate the starch. It will become stringy and seem ruined – keep kneading. Soon, it shouldn’t be sticky, and should be smooth. Dip into more starch as necessary, if it’s still sticky.

The slime will react to different temperatures (ours changed colors when heated). Store in a plastic or glass container.

Flower Pot


An empty metal can*

Can opener

Metal file

Popsicle sticks

Outdoor paint & paint brush


Hot glue gun & glue sticks

1 floral plant (we used an impatiens)


* Parents, file down any sharp metal poking out.


With one end of the can removed, use the can opener to punch two to three holes on the bottom end for drainage. Paint both sides of the popsicle sticks, and let dry completely.

Use a hot glue gun to attach the sticks to the outside wall of the can.

Wrap twine about ½ inch from the top, and secure with a dot of glue; repeat with the bottom.

Transfer the flower into the can. Depending upon what size flower is used, a little more soil may be required.

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