DIY Confetti Poppers

On the third day of our birthday week, we are showing you how to make confetti poppers! Let’s celebrate!


What you’ll need:

– tissue paper

– decorative paper

– construction paper

– toilet paper roll

– plastic lid (most large lids will work!)

– straw or stick

– glue gun

– glue stick


Place a dot of hot glue on the inside of the lid and attach straw. Once dried, you can trim your straw to the desired length.

Place the toilet paper roll on the backside of your decorative paper and mark its height using a sharpie. We used two marks on each side of the paper to keep our lines straight.

Using your guide lines, cut your decorative paper.

With your decorative paper face down, put a line of hot glue on one side and attach the toilet paper roll. Wrap the paper around the roll and secure it with another line of hot glue on the other end of the paper.

Using a mason jar, glass or cookie cutter, trace a circle on the back side of your tissue paper. Cut it out.

Use the glue stick to put adhesive on the back of the tissue paper, focusing on the edges. Center the circle over the end of your paper-covered toilet tissue roll and secure the edges to the sides. Hold the paper in place for a moment to be sure it sticks.

To make confetti, cut construction paper into several strips, and then go back and cut the opposite way to make small squares.

Fill the tube with desired amount of confetti and seal the bottom of the popper with the lid.

To pop, hold straw and push upward with force. Enjoy!


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