DIY: Halloween Treat Bags

Dazzle guests and trick-or-treaters with these bright and colorful serving bags. All you need are a few materials, like muslin bags, pencils, scrapbook paper and paint.


Candy Corn Muslin Bags
White or cream muslin bags
Yellow or gold paint
Orange paint

Witches’ Brooms
Paper Bags
Orange ribbon

Candy Monster Pockets
Scrapbook paper
Hot glue gun and hot glue
Googly eyes
Paper clips
Pen or Sharpie


For the Candy Corn Muslin Bags:

  1. Insert cardboard into muslin bag to flatten it.
  2. Divide the muslin bag into three sections with tape. These will be the stripes of your candy corn.
  3. Paint the bottom section yellow (or gold, if you’d like to jazz it up!). Wait to dry.
  4. Paint the middle section orange.
  5. Once all paint is dry, carefully life tape. Fill with candy and serve.

For the Witches’ Broom Paper Bags:

  1. Cut a standard paper bag in half.
  2. From the top of the bag, cut long, thin strips. Stop 3-4 inches from the bottom seam. If you’d like, fill the bottom with a few pieces of candy now.
  3. Cut ribbon long enough to wrap around the bag tightly and set aside.
  4. Insert two to three pencils in the bag for the broomstick. Carefully wrap ribbon around, pulling gently until the bag closes. You may have to maneuver the bag into the ribbon.
  5. Tie into a bow and serve.

For the Candy Monster Pockets:

  1. Flip a piece of scrapbook paper over, decorative side down.
  2. Draw a lowercase “m” shape. The taller and thinner the “m,” the longer the pocket. The shorter the “m,” the shorter the pocket.
  3. Cut along the outline you just made. Decorative side still down, trace the edges with hot glue and close shut.
  4. Now that your pocket is in tact, you can create your monster. With the scrapbook paper showing, draw a mouth, teeth or silly expression on your monster. Glue eyes, if you wish, and create hairstyles with paper clips.
  5. Fill with candy and serve.



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