DIY: House Number + Planter

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by Kristina Domitrovich // photos by Lindsay Pace


A Drill


House numbers

A wooden plaque, about 15×9 inches

A five-sided wooden box, about 6x6x6 inches

Outdoor paint

Paint brush

Heavy duty plastic liner

Staples & Staple gun


A plant

Outdoor wall mounting kit**

Editor’s note:

You can buy pre-made plaques and boxes in local craft and hardware stores, or you can make them yourself. **The best mounting device will differ depending upon your house’s exterior; it’s best to ask someone at your local hardware store.


  1. Cut the plastic liner to fit inside the box, and staple it into place.
  2. Use a drill to add drainage holes to the box, and make sure there are holes in the liner that align with the box’s holes for proper drainage.
  3. Paint the plaque and the outside of the box as desired, and let dry completely.
  4. Align the box with the edge of the plaque, and screw the box onto the plaque. Note: Depending upon where this will be situated on your house, the box planter may cast a shadow over the house numbers. To avoid this, simply switch what side the numbers will be displayed with the box planter.
  5. Secure the house numbers according to packaging.
  6. Mount on the exterior of your home.
  7. Fill with soil, followed by a plant, and thoroughly water.
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