DIY: Macrame Camera Strap

Traveling soon? Before you start packing, upgrade your camera with our macrame camera strap tutorial.

Items Needed:
-macrame cord or other rope, two 4 yard pieces (8 yards total)
-swivel clasps
-E6000 (or other industrial strength glue)

1. Cut the cord into two 4 yard pieces.
2. Fold each cord so there is 1 yard on one end, and three yards on the other end. Pull each cord’s midpoint through one of the swivel clasps, so the long ends of the strands are on the outside.
3. Pull the ends of each cord through its own loop, and pull taut.

4. Tie a square knot. Bring the farthest right cord over the top, creating a loop on the right. Take the farthest left cord and pull it under the middle two cords, creating another loop on the left. Take the left cord and pull it up through the loop on the right, and take the right cord and pull it down through the loop on the left. Pull until it is tight.

Tip: it helps if you tape down the swivel clasp!



5. Repeat until you have about three feet of macrame strap.

6. Trim the ends and glue the ends around the second swivel clasp, and clamp in place. Let dry for 24 hours (or according to glue instructions)
7. Once dry, attach it to your camera!

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