DIY: Pop-Up Picnic

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By Kristina Domitrovich
Photos by Lindsay Pace

Turn any meal into a picnic by keeping a basket at the ready and in the car at all times. Make the food or grab something to-go, and enjoy it at a park with friends and family. After the picnic’s over, take it home, clean it up and plop it back in the trunk for next time!



• 1 basket with a cover
• Fabric of choice, enough to line the inside of the basket
• Hot glue gun and sticks
• Iron
• 1 yard of elastic ribbon (optional)


• 4 cloth napkins
• 4 reusable travel-friendly silverware sets*
• 4 reusable travel-friendly plates*
• 1 picnic blanket
• Salt & pepper shakers

Editor’s note: *We opted for eco-friendly wheat silverware and dishes.


  1. Press the fabric. Fold about an inch of the fabric’s edge over onto the backside of the fabric. Run the iron along to create a “seam;” repeat with all remaining sides.
  2. Hot glue the backside of the folded seam. Apply to the edges of the basket’s interior, with the fabric facing right-side out.
  3. Optional: Glue the elastic ribbon into place, to secure plates or silverware during travel.
  4. Store add-ins in the basket to picnic on-the-go.  
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