Food Truck: Rosie’s Grab & Go

Rosie’s signature Philly Cheesesteak sandwich served on Texas toast.





by Kristina Domitrovich // photos by Lindsay Pace

Hannah Quarles, the owner of Rosie’s Grab & Go in Pontotoc, has been dreaming of owning a food truck for years now. For a science project in the fourth grade, she created a sauce; and in the eighth grade, she got her first job at a local restaurant. There, she would learn waitressing by filling glasses or serving food. Her passion for the food industry quickly snowballed, and hasn’t slowed since.

The Airstream has, of course, a wiener dog to incorporate the truck’s moniker, Rosie.

With experience in the front and the back of the house, she knew a food truck would provide her the perfect balance she was seeking: Still getting to interact with customers, while continuing to do what she loves most, cooking. Since college, she joked that she talked about wanting a food truck so regularly that her friends and family eventually told her to either “do it or stop talking about it.”

On a beach vacation with her parents in March 2019, she saw an Airstream listed a few miles away on Facebook. They decided to go take a look, and two days later she made her offer. In her years of dreaming about this food truck, she never came up with a name that stuck. During a hard time, Quarles got a wiener dog, named Rosie. With a pup and a truck, she said everything just fell into place.

Hannah Quarles in an apron made by her pastor’s wife.

She opened in October 2019, serving Philly cheesesteaks, doughburgers – which her mom stopped by the morning the truck opened to teach her how to make – and other lunch staples and sandwiches. Some are even served with Rosie’s sauce, the sauce she invented in the fourth grade. Granted, it’s been modified, but the bones are there.

“I love it, it’s my dream job,” she said. “Just serving the community and seeing people that I know each day. I just love every day getting up to cook for people.”

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