From a Groom’s View

Wesley and Ann Hazel have been married only a few months and the planning process and groom experience is fresh for Wesley. All prospective grooms take note from someone who’s been there.

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At what point did you get involved in the wedding planning process?

The first part of the wedding planning process I can remember is the guest list. When it came time to pick out the cake, I was a main participant.

What was your favorite part of the planning process?

Getting Ann to agree to marry me. None of the planning process would have ever started without her saying “yes.”

What was your least favorite part of the planning process?

Getting the groomsmen to order the tuxes and long distance wedding planning

What was your favorite part of the wedding day?

The first look with Ann and the reception

What was your least favorite part of the wedding day?

The waiting to see Ann and the waiting before the wedding ceremony

Do you have any advice for recently engaged guys?

Your fiancé will always want your opinion. Even if you don’t have one, just make one up or agree with the one you think she is leaning towards. There are a lot of decisions that go into planning a wedding. Sometimes, they just need someone to help with a choice or have an opinion.

Looking back, what was the most memorable part of the entire process?

Of the planning, picking out the ring is one of the most memorable moments. The rings are special to us because I wear Ann’s grandfathers ring who has passed. Also, Ann’s wedding band was her Great Great Grandmothers.

Was there a time when you became a “groomzilla?”

No, I don’t think so but you’ll have to ask my wife and my family about that one.

Any advice for guys during the photo sessions?

Just get ready for your face to hurt and practice your smile a little beforehand.

Any tips for grooms on their wedding day?

Take a deep breath and have fun.

What’s the one item you couldn’t have lived without on the big day?

My groomsmen. They keep you calm and keep you laughing on the biggest day of your life. I would encourage future grooms to surround themselves with guys that will support them and be there for them from the wedding day on.

What do groomsmen add to the day?

They ultimately keep you calm. I was so ready to see Ann and be with Ann but my guys kept me relaxed and ready to have fun throughout the whole day. They were helpful in helping me know what to focus on and soak up every part of the day.

Any advice on choosing a best man?

Go with your gut. You will know when you have made the right decision. 

Was there anything that you were surprised to learn about planning a wedding?

There is a lot more that goes into it than you realize. I was amazed at the amount of energy and effort it takes to plan a wedding. There are so many little details you never think about until you are the one going through the wedding planning process.

If you could go back, is there anything you would do differently?

No. No matter what, it will be the best day for any future groom’s because it is your wedding day.

Explain the moment you saw Ann for the first time on the wedding day?

It was the first time I actually breathed all day.

I was relieved of my anticipation and anxiety immediately. I was shocked but not surprised by her beauty.

Another word of advice to future grooms would be to do a first look-it was definitely one of the best parts of the day.

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