A Simple, Neutral Nursery Designed With Growth in Mind

By Emma Kent // Photos by Lauren Wood

When Kayla Gann and her husband, Michael, found out they were expecting a baby last winter, Kayla knew she wanted to create a simple and serene space to bring that baby home to. “I actually started on the nursery before we found out he was a boy,” she said. “I really wanted it to be neutral and work for both.” She also wanted to potentially be able to reuse some of the furniture and decor in the nursery should they have another child one day. Now, her son, Beck, is five months old and she’s found herself spending more and more time in his nursery with him. “His nursery right now really is for us more than for him, just because we’re in there so much with him, sleeping and eating and playing,” she said. To keep the nursery unfussy, Kayla has made sure to create storage for Beck’s things. Most of his things are in the closet, but she keeps his changing supplies in the dresser to keep them handy for diaper changes. His toys, although he doesn’t have very many right now, are kept in a basket. Kayla has also designated some drawer space in his dresser for books. “In the future I’ll probably add a bookshelf and a chest or something for his toys,” she said. Kayla designed the nursery to grow with Beck. That’s why she opted for a dresser as a changing table, which can easily be used just as a dresser once Beck’s diaper days are over. The crib is also convertible and can be changed into a toddler bed when the time comes. “I wanted it to grow with him,” Kayla said. “I didn’t want to put anything too permanent in there so that it can easily be changed as he grows, and as he gets more independent he can choose what he wants in there.”

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Nursery Must-Haves

Her nursery essentials include a peg rack to keep all of her baby carriers on so she can access them easily, a rocking chair with an ottoman and a play gym that can be easily stowed away and pulled out for playtime.

Room To Grow

The nursery was designed with Beck’s future in mind. Kayla wanted him to be able to grow into the room, which is why she opted for a dresser that doubles as a changing table and a convertible crib


Kayla’s favorite part of the nursery (besides baby Beck, of course!) is the crib, which was a gift from her parents.

IKEA Facelift

Kayla put her own twist on this simple IKEA dresser by painting it Sherwin Williams Halycon Green. She also swapped out the drawer knobs for leather pulls, also from IKEA.

Sentimental Items

Another favorite is a set of children’s books that belonged to Kayla’s husband, Michael, when he was a child. Kayla’s mother-in-law gifted the set to her before Beck was born, and she keeps them displayed on the side table by the rocker.

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