Guest Column: Greenery by Stephen Thompson

Greenery – Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year is a zip-zip-zippy, leaf-green color – the same color we see in early spring when tender green shoots first break ground. It’s a hopeful, crisp, happily upbeat, refreshing hue.

Some of you may be thinking, “Greenery is a bit too bright for my tastes. Do I really want it in my home?” As a designer I’m not sure why this color get’s treated like an ugly stepchild (though redheads everywhere appreciate its flattering shade). This is a hue I’ve recommended for the past decade; it’s not a passing fad. Use it correctly and your eyes will never tire of this green just as you’ll never tire of seeing trees.

When Greenery is used as an accent wall, on on kitchen backsplash, or on small electrical appliance, it will refresh and energize your cooking area. The kitchen walls of a rental house was the first place I recall recomending this bright green – I paired it with stark white cabinets for a clean fresh feeling. If that’s too extreme for your tastes, refresh and energize your countertops with a small vignette of plants and herbs potted in a decorative green Planter.

If you truly love this bright, yellowy shade of green, then use it in a big way for more impact. It will definitely grab people’s attention. Pair Greenery with warm whites and neutrals for a cleaner, tranquil vibe, or use it with bright white for a fun, contemporary feel. It’s and especially optimistic and bold choice for foyers and halls when used as a transition color between rooms. Use it as a focal point and it will give your space a springtime feeling. Greenery is incredibly dramatic as a wall color; use it correctly in mass and it will lift your spirits and keep them high. Fair warning: Though Greenery draws its very life from nature, be careful not to go overboard with it. Don’t drown a bedroom in this color. It will lose all of its freshness and get very heavy. Buoy your bedroom by buying green and preppy white stripe bedding, instead of drowning all four walls in green.

Count on Greenery to enhance your décor. Adding smaller touches of Pantone’s color of the year will add a pop of brightness and a bit of freshness to most any room. Pair Greenery in small drops with other fun colors, like melon, lavender and sunny yellow – which are happy, curious colors which are neither too sweet nor too saturated. Check Pantone’s website.  ( It shows no less than 10 distinctly different color palettes, all of which pair quite beautifully with Greenery.

Placing Greenery alongside soft tints of grays, blues and rose will counterbalance and mellow it. Black, white and vibrant neons electrify it. Greenery gives neutral colors an extra neutral pop. Pairing it with warm neutrals gives it an earthy, rooted feel. With navy it looks classic. With pink it inspires island fantasies. Grays grants it a mid-century feeling.

To copy Mother Nature, pair Greenery with deeper shades of green and neutrals; use succulent green plants as accents. Using Greenery on accessories will accent throw pillows, lamp bases, paintings, table settings, area rugs, and other small decor pieces. Even recovering an old, shabby chair in a solid-green or green-printed fabric will lift the energy of a room and elevate its mood without becoming too intense. Want a more eclectic look? It’s the perfect time to go shopping for bold Greenery accessory pieces; you’ll find them sold everywhere – from IKEA to Crate&Barrel to JCPenney to Walmart.

Try Pantone’s Greenery whenever you wish to rejuvenate, revitalize, and reconnect. Whether you’re going bold — and making a statement by painting several walls, or whether you are shy — and trying to be courageous and test Greenery by buying a couple of new throw pillows, there’s a beautiful decorating solution using Greenery that’s just perfect for you this year.

Live well – live in beauty!

Stephen Thompson – creating beautiful, tasteful interiors in north Mississippi since 1975. For consultations, comments, or questions contact Designer Connection, P.O. Box 361, Tupelo, MS 38802 or

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