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When did you build this space?

Kelly: About five or six years ago.

Kim: He actually designed it, the theatre and gym.

Why did you want a home gym/theatre?

Kelly: Iȍve worked out since the early ’80s. I’ve been going to the gym for over 20 years. It got to be a hassle. Working out is addictive. Once you’ve done it for years, you miss it if you don’t do it, so I built my own space. I like movies. I like quality pictures and sounds, that kind of stuff. I like all the equipment that goes along with it.

Kim: This is where he gets away, especially when Iȍm hosting events.

Do you spend time here every day?

Kelly: Working out, yes, but not in the movie room. I’m usually in there about two nights a week on average. Our daughter is big into series movies, so she’s down here a lot watching Netflix. If you use something every day, it’s not such a special event. It’s just like watching TV. It’s better to just come once or twice a week, so it’s still special.

Do you use the home theatre to host friends?

Kelly: Yes, we do.

Kim: When people come over, they always talk about how great it would be to watch sports. Kelly isn’t really into sports all that much, but we hear that a lot.

Where did your exercise equipment come from?

Kelly: I’ve had some of it for years, because we actually had a little workout room in the house with a few pieces. We have a local gym equipment builder in Pontotoc, Wilder’s Fitness. He sells equipment all over the United States. When I got ready for some equipment, I went to him and he built what I wanted. There’s really just one large piece. If you take it out, it’s just some barbells, an elliptical, a treadmill and a punching bag.

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