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A true oasis, this lanai has all aspects of easy living covered. Meet the owners: Judy and Buck Woods, then view the gallery below.

Were there any non-negotiables when considering your patio space?

Our goal was to build an outdoor space in which we could live comfortably year-round and continue to enjoy into our advanced years. To meet the goal of accessibility during retirement years, the lanai, outdoor dining and pool areas have steps no higher than 6″ and most steps are only 4″ high. To meet the goal year-round usability, we installed remote control retractable screens to eliminate insects, four ceiling fans to keep a nice breeze on those hot summer days, and a fireplace to keep the lanai cozy in the winter. The saltwater pool is heated and, of course, the hot spa tub is there for a soak in any season. I have photos of Buck in the hot tub with snow on the ground.

What is your favorite thing about the area?

Our favorite thing is the spectacular views of the beautiful golf course and the sky. We enjoy watching the geese and other water fowl, the golfers, the incredible cloud formations, sunrises and sunsets. Another favorite thing is our neighbors. We have wonderful neighbors.

If you could change one thing (pertaining to the patio), what would it be?

We could do with lower humidity during those hot summer months! Other than that, we consider this our year-round retirement resort.

What does the perfect day on the patio look like for you?

A perfect day for us, is much like today. It’s a gorgeous day with low humidity, bright blue skies and a gentle breeze swaying the bougainvillea. Actually, my cousin and her husband should arrive in a few minutes for a light lunch poolside. It is true, you know, that some of God’s greatest blessings are family, friends and neighbors. Buck and I are blessed beyond measure and this is a very good day because some of our family members are coming to visit.

What advice would you give someone who is building a patio area?

We considered the south, east, west, and north orientation of our patio area to the home site and designed our lanai, dining area, hot tub and pool for privacy and shade. Our “privacy wall” is actually a wall that provides a welcome shade from the afternoon sun. The outdoor kitchen was placed on the east side so it would receive morning sun and it would not obstruct our views of the golf course, which is south of the patio.

Do you have a favorite outside plant? If so, what is it and why?

I have so many favorite plants. The herbs I adore and use for good health and delicious flavor in food. The petunias, magnolias and gardenias and their fragrant blooms are divine. The yellow daffodils make me smile and fortunately, they’re becoming widespread all around Tupelo. I love daffodils because they seem to welcome spring.  I guess my favorite this year is the beautiful bougainvillea, but it’s a tough decision.

Photos by Lauren Wood // Interview by Carmen Cristo


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