Home Spotlight: Treehouse

Backyard Adventure

Belden, Mississippi

Past the Rajacich home is every child’s dream: a treehouse. Complete with beds and a front porch, this is a space suitable for playtime or relaxation.


Meet the Owner: Vicky Rajacich

Why did you decide to build a treehouse?

Growing up I was always building some sort of treehouse so when our grandkids Noah & Harleigh ask for a treehouse it didn’t take a lot to convince us.

What were your initial thoughts on what is should look like?

Rustic, whimsical, somewhere kids of all ages would enjoy spending time.

What were your most-desired features for the treehouse?

Built-in bunk beds, cargo net loft, front porch and balcony.


Did you encounter any hurdles during the process?

(Creating) the support system allowing movement with the trees and the log staircase.

What is it commonly used for now?

Playtime, sleepovers, birthday parties, cookouts and it’s a quite space for a little alone time.

Any money-saving tips for someone wanting to build a treehouse?

Use salvage lumber & supplies, and self-labor. I used an antique pie safe hand made by my grandfather for an entertainment center, the Elk mount is from my brother Wayne, the snow sled is from our Montana family, the antique school desk is from friends in Florida. Using family items has a lot more meaning.


What parts did you do yourself?

This entire project was done by the Rajacich Family: Paul, Vicky, Jake, Amber, Stephanie, Caleb, as much help as a 5 and 3-year-old and a 9-month-old could give (Noah, 5, Harleigh, 3, and Colton, 9 months) and some great friends.

What advice would you give yourself if you were doing it all over again?

Build a bathroom. We still have plans for a slide and zip line.

Up next: For our December/January issue we are looking for the perfect fireplace. With the cooler weather, we are certain people are dusting off their fireplaces and prepping them to be the center of attention. Do you recall a beautiful fireplace everyone flocked to? Let us know at editor@mudandmag.com.

Photos by Lauren Wood


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