Kid’s Crafts: Shadow Tracing

Excessive days in the house can warrant a lack of new ideas to pass time, but shadow tracing is nearly endless. Using figurines, pencils or markers and some paper, little ones can have bounds of fun!


Kid’s Craft: Leaf “Paintings”

Whether social distancing and self isolating, even on rainy days, it can be hard to keep little ones entertained. This craft is really easy, but can be a lot of fun. With a quick adventure outside, they can gather whatever leaves they can find – the more the better, try making it a competition – to create as many different leaf prints as possible.


Kid’s Craft: Painted Rocks

It may seem simple, but anything to keep the kiddos busy during this crazy time should never be taken for granted! This craft is perfect because all the supplies are probably somewhere in the house, and the rocks can be gathered when the family is out for the daily walk.


Column: Podcasts to Binge Listen

Podcasts are probably one of my favorite pastimes. They’re great because you can listen to them and still be completely productive, whether you’re cleaning, cooking, or any other quarantine-friendly activity. I myself am really into true crime, so those will always be the first-pick for my listening, but there are some fascinating historical series out there as well.


How to: Sourdough Starter

Making a sourdough starter can be a great resource, especially when it’s a struggle to find yeast in the grocery stores. 


Gardening Guide

Smith’s Nursery in Saltillo is celebrating its 10th year of being in business. Founded in February of 2010, this nursery focuses on setting its customers up for success: Answering any questions, making sure its customers know the best care for their plants, etc.



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