Home Trends: What Local Designers Are Seeing This Spring

What better time than spring to freshen up your home with a few of this year’s interior design trends? Whites and grays have dominated home trends for the past few years, but we may be on the verge of a color comeback. We asked three local designers to tell us what else they’re expecting to see more of in 2019.

Pops of Color

Neutrals aren’t going anywhere, but be prepared to see them jazzed up with bold pops of color in the year ahead. Kelly Holcomb, owner of Staggs Interiors in Tupelo, said he’s been seeing a shift away from a totally neutral palette for interiors to clients wanting to incorporate more color. “Our trend for the past five or six years has been white, light and neutral, but now we’re starting to see the richer tones come in,” he said. At Staggs, Holcomb said designers are introducing color into their clients’ spaces through rugs, pillows, furniture and window treatments. They’re also embracing bolder patterns more than in recent years. “I think it’s natural,” Holcomb said of the move toward color. “People get bored with trends and start to want something different.”

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Natural Elements

Incorporating natural elements into a home is one of interior designer Emily Forman’s favorite ways to bring a space to life. Forman owns MODA Designs in New Albany. She often uses materials like natural stone, concrete and wood in her designs to make rooms feel grounded and cozy. “I just like it because it’s from the earth, and it’s supposed to be here,” she said. Adding this trend to your current decor doesn’t have to take a lot of money or effort. If you can’t replace materials in your home, Forman recommends adding wood accents, greenery and plants and even maximizing natural light. Just those small changes can bring warmth to a room. “It makes it feel more inviting,” she said.


Floral Accents

“Florals and color in general are coming back, and I’m excited because that makes it more fun to design,” said Oxford interior designer Jennifer Russell. Russell suggests using accessories to bring florals into a room. She often uses throw pillows in floral fabrics that coordinate her clients’ color schemes. “I just think they add a little pop into a room,” she said. “Some patterns can end up looking neutral but florals always give it a pop.” For those who really want to embrace the trend, she recommends using a bold floral wallpaper in small rooms like powder rooms and foyers. Floral wallpapered accent walls are also great statements in a home. Russell said floral patterns also add movement to rooms as they keep the eye flowing through the space. Her floral philosophy is to go big or go home. “I really like a bold floral,” Russell said. “They can still be soft but you get a nice big flower.”


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