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by Kristina Domitrovich // photos by Kamau Bostic

Kamau Bostic, 25, grew up in a family of artists. He is now a full-time photographer at a Tupelo marketing agency, in addition to his personal photography business.

His interest in photography really began around 2010. His family used to live in Richmond, Virginia, but moved to Starkville when his father received a teaching position at Mississippi State University. During the move, Bostic used his father’s camera to document the trip.

In high school, he took some photography classes, but he was an athlete, a runner, and thought that would be his career — at least in college.

“All I did was run,” he said.

But that particular career never came to fruition. He found himself attending MSU, trying to find who he was and what he wanted to do. He was undeclared for three years, until declaring photography as his major during his junior year. Off the bat, he won a scholarship for his portfolio. From there, his work has taken off. His first commercial commission was with C Spire. While he still does product shoots, he mostly prefers to work with portraits.

“It’s just something about talking with different people and interacting, I think it’s more interesting,” he said. “The Eiffel Tower (or) a landscape — it’s probably been done, somebody probably even did it better than you, but there’s always a new take on taking somebody’s portrait.”

He describes his style as more muted tones when using color in images (think: “Victorian painting”); whereas with black and white, he can achieve a higher contrasted image.

“I feel like they’re more interesting, like the focus is more on the person,” he said. “I just think they look nice and cleaner.”


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