Local Fashionista: Morgan Gaines

Spring will always be my favorite season. Suddenly, we are greeted by a warm chill in the air, pops of green everywhere we turn, blooming flowers, and hearts full of hope for the warmer, brighter months to come. With all of the anticipation for the months approaching, we find ourselves spending more time outdoors, taking in the beautiful colors around us, and getting way too excited about trading in our winter coats and sweaters for dresses, jackets, and sandals. Oh Spring, we love everything you bring to us, but nothing really beats the fashion every year!

All winter I had been drooling over 2017 fashion trends and dreaming of the day Memphis weather went above 60 degrees. However, being pregnant (and in the awkward stages of baby bump) makes things a little more difficult to shop those trends I have been dreaming about all winter.

 Here are a few Spring 2017 trends that I will be sporting this Spring:


Pastels always seem to be a Spring trend, but this year it seems to be everywhere. This year, we are being encouraged to mix pastels. Lavender dress, pink heels, sea foam green bag… Um, I’m loving it. This is a trend that will be so easy to incorporate with my wardrobe as my baby bump grows larger!


More and more, I have been ditching the accessories, bold patterns, and the layering and creating a more simple look. My usual go-to minimalistic outfit is a simple jumpsuit with edgy earrings, and a pair of open-toed mules or a cotton babydoll dress with a jean jacket and my favorite pair of sneakers.


There’s just nothing like stepping out in a floral dress in the springtime. As my belly bump grows, it becomes harder to find trendy clothes that fit. However, I have found so many ethereal, flowy floral dresses that are so comfortable and will fit me throughout my pregnancy. I will be wearing so many floral maxi dresses and babydoll dresses this Spring!


Although we are presented with new fashion trends each year, the culture of fashion has swiftly changed to an “anything goes” mentality. Individuality is such a key factor in fashion. Instead of relying on the fashion industry to tell you what to wear, make your own trends based on your style! Get creative!

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