Misbah Ullah

Misbah Ullah started cooking after she got married. Her family is from Pakistan, although
she grew up in Canada before living in Tupelo.

When she got married, she wasn’t working at the time and realized with some excitement that she had an opportunity to get creative in the kitchen. A passion was born.

Ullah became obsessed with The Food Network channel and sifting through cookbooks, but said she learned the basics of cooking more traditional foods from her mother, as well as a few newer recipes from her mother-in-law.

Ullah began attending the Cooking as a First Language classes to pick up a few new recipes from other cultures and discovered foods she had never made before.

“I started attending these classes because I love trying cuisines from different cultures. I absolutely love sushi and the Japanese class was the first one I attended,” she said. “It was also exciting to see that somebody had given Tupelo a platform in which people who may never get a chance to interact on a regular basis were able to get together and share a little piece of their heritage.”

Ullah taught the appetizer portion of the Indian/Pakistani class. She made vegetable samosas with cilantro, turmeric, cumin seeds and finely diced jalapenos because it is a popular dish in Western culture.

She recommends adding chili flakes for folks who want the dish spicier.

“What I really loved about the Indian cooking class was that I met new people that I have now become friends with,” Ullah said. “This class gave me the opportunity to meet people I was able to build a genuine connection with and I am grateful for that.”

Get Misbah’s Vegetable Samosas recipe here. 



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