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The men of Munson and Brothers, Ryan Munson, Russell Poole and Justin Gibson, aren’t actually brothers at all. “Brothers” is a nod to the many friends, men and women alike, who have helped Ryan in countless ways since the days when he was the sole employee and making natural grooming products was a welcome respite from the stresses of his nine-to-five.

Ryan’s original inspiration was his daughter, Molly. When she experienced some skin irritation and over-the-counter remedies didn’t work, Ryan created “Daddy’s Potion,” a natural cure-all salve. Soon, he was making beard oils and balms and selling them at the local farmers market. With the encouragement of early success, Ryan leapt and made his after-hours “therapy” his full-time gig.

Now, with help from Accounts Manager Russell Poole, Munson and Brothers products are carried in 51 stores throughout the region. With Russell spearheading sales, Ryan can focus on product development.  The beard balms and oils are still staples, but you will find the distinctive Munson logo on a variety of grooming products like mustache wax, shampoo bars, mosquito repellant, shave cream and Molly Munson’s very own watermelon lip balm.

Like the original skin salve, most of the balms and oils are multi-functional. Ryan suggests using the beard balm as solid cologne and a spot treatment moisturizer as well. The Munson Mantra is simple: Take care of yourself.

“Guys love their beards, so the beard oil is our gateway drug to getting men to care for themselves,” Ryan said.

Three Kings, their most popular beard oil, is made of frankincense and myrrh oils, which have been used for religious and medicinal purposes for centuries. On their containers, tins and tee-shirts, you will find pair of praying hands, meant to represent the reverence with which they hope men will treat their bodies or their “temples.” The logo is stamped on the bag glass of their vintage Volkswagen camper van that they travel to-and-from markets in.

“We want to add some mindfulness to men’s products that hopefully they will carry with them throughout their day,” Ryan said.

That intentional mindfulness is part of each step in their process, from the carefully-sourced ingredients to the recycled glass bottles.

In the future, the “brothers” plan to introduce a few products for women, but the focus will remain on men—and beards.

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