My Special Daddy

By Madeline Grace Brooks, a third grader at Corinth Elementary

My daddy is special in many different ways. Here are some reasons why I think he is special.

My first reason is that he works so hard! He is a driver for UPS and is always delivering packages to people we know. Lots of people know him and trust him and count on him to get their boxes to them. At Christmas time he even helps Santa get some of his packages where they need to go. He works hard even when it’s really hot or cold!

My second reason my daddy is so special is because of some of the things he does with me and my sister that he does not really like to go and do. Since he is the only boy in the house-you can imagine how often he gets tired of doing girl things. But he does it anyway. He takes us shopping and never complains when we have been shopping for a long time. He even helps us pick out our dresses for the Father/Daughter dance every year!

My third reason for thinking my daddy is so special is because he really loves Jeeps and loves to share that love with me and my sister! He collects Jeeps and loves to work on them in his spare time. He shares all he knows about Jeeps with me and my sister. We joke around and call him a “Jeep Fanatic”! On pretty days he will just take the top off and we will just cruise around town! Every year when we go to the Father/Daughter dance he lets us pick out our favorite “Jeep Chariot” to ride in!

My fourth and final reason for thinking my daddy is so special is not for all the things he buys for us, does for us or with us but for the LOVE he shows us every day! He does this by the little things he does-asking us how school was and helping us with homework. He even makes sure to tuck us in bed every night. And no matter how busy he may be or how late he gets off work he never forgets to tell us that he loves us forever!


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