New Staff Member: Lindsay

Lindsay Daffron is a recent graduate of Mississippi State University, where she was an English major and photo editor of the Reflector student newspaper. Originally from Vicksburg, Daffron is excited to explore Tupelo and tell stories from around northeast Mississippi.




Top 5 Things to Know About Me:

1) Mornings bring me joy.

By nature, I’ve always been an early riser, but even if I weren’t, I’m convinced I’d still wake up before the sun. Nothing beats the quiet stillness of a sunrise or walking barefoot into the kitchen to brew coffee. Mornings are a wonder.

2) If you can’t find me, look for yellow.

Yellow takes the cake when it comes to my favorite color. I particularly like baby yellow, because its gentle, sunny nature resonates with my soul. My closet is certain of this. Other favorite colors: sky blue, lavender, and olive.

3) Coffee, coffee, coffee.

I can’t say I’m addicted to coffee, since I only have a cup a day (maybe two). But man, is that cup my pride and joy. On weekends, especially, I love to grind my favorite beans by hand and use my Chemex. No coffee snob here, though—I’ll take a cup however it’s made.

4) I lived in the mountains once.

I spent a year atop Lookout Mountain, Georgia when I was eighteen. The artistic community and stellar hiking trails gave my young heart a place to bloom. I moved back to the magnolia state to continue my education in English Literature before landing here in Tupelo. North Mississippi is entirely new to me, so all tips and tricks are welcome.

5) I’d love to take your picture.

When I was sixteen, I injured my spine. Since I couldn’t play sports or march with the band anymore, I took up photography. It’s still my favorite way to connect with others and appreciate their infinite beauty and value. Whether I’m photographing weddings or goofing off with friends, the camera encourages me to be more present, aware, and joyful.

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