Nostalgia City

With a booth at The Depot Antique Mall in Oxford and an Etsy shop, Nostalgia City has brought old things new life. Owner Millicent Haggard shares her tips for buying vintage.

Corduroy Blazer:

This item is from the ’70s, and I have a deep love for ’70s items. The materials, the shapes, the collars, the neutral colors – I just love them! I also collect many vintage blazers, and have many in my store.

Striped Button Down:

This shirt is an ’80s Appalachian Trail shirt (actually available on my Etsy site), and was chosen just because I feel that it is a staple piece that can just transcend time and always look good, and its fabric has also held up very well over time.



These are very special to me because my favorite vintage items to collect are vintage and retro pins/buttons. I have tons. I also feature them in my Nostalgia Pack, which are free packs that come with online purchases and come with buttons, pins, chokers, trading cards, pogs, etc.


The boots are actually 1990s horse riding boots. I picked the boots because I wanted to showcase the awesome shoes you can find while thrifting. Although many are banged up or bruised, there are many still intact due to their material and build. There are many timeless vintage shoes that are waiting to be found, and some are featured in my booth.


Members Only Jacket:

I chose the light blue Members Only jacket because these retro little sport coats are everywhere, in all colors, shapes, and sizes – and I just love it when I find them. These jackets and Woolrich button-ups are my two favorite items to collect and sell. These jackets are just so cool and hip – they are relaxed while being structured – and also almost anyone can look good/badass in one. They also take me back to the ’80s, like Back to the Future-esque.

Vintage Tee:

I love this item because it is a Screen Stars shirt from the ’80s. Screen Stars is an old-school tee screenprint company whose shirts have withstood time and still look good. I love this particular one because the color is still so vivid, the print is still shiny and intact, and the fabric is extra strong.

About Millicent: Her love of vintage clothing and the stockpile she had collected planted the idea of Nostalgia City. With nothing like it in Oxford, she decided to create a way to share her finds with her small town. “I love vintage clothing because many items are rare and this helps create a unique look,” Haggard said. “It also reminds people of simpler times, like their childhood or teen years, and can boost moods.”

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