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by Kristina Domitrovich // photos by Lindsay Pace

What started out with a $75 investment turned a profit of $40,000 in the first year.

In 2015, Savannah Cumber found herself in a boutique looking at jewelry. She liked what she saw until she saw the price tag. That’s when she got the idea: “I can make this.”

So, she went to a craft store, bought some supplies for $75 and got to work; by the end of the first week, she doubled her investment. By the end of the first year, working at her kitchen table, she turned a profit of $40,000.

Realizing its potential, she really delved into her business, then called Savannah Marie. Having grown up in a family of entrepreneur’s — her father a business owner and mother in sales — she put what she knew into action.

“I thought, ‘Well, I’m going to make a business out of this,’” she said. “And so I got on the phone.”

She started cold calling businesses; anything it took to get the sale. For a while, she would call all day and get a lot of no’s; but no’s started turning into yeses. She found a sample box would be her greatest key to initial success: Sell a box with 20 pieces to a boutique for $50, then they could repurchase if they moved her product.

More often than not, they would call her back.

When she and her husband purchased their home, she upgraded her workspace from a kitchen table to a utility closet. And in January 2018, the opportunity for Petals & Pearls — and thus a storefront — came in.

She said she never in her wildest dreams imagined she would own a florist shop, but the stars just aligned. She was looking for a storefront in downtown Belmont, and a florist was selling her store. Cumber bought the location the day she saw it. She said at first, she knew three flower types: roses, tulips, and Gerbera daisies. The first year, she figured she would try her hand at Valentine’s Day arrangements, and then decide whether to keep the floral storefront. Turns out, it worked pretty well. She would graduate to tackle events like funerals and weddings. But at the beginning, she still had a lot to learn.

“Google was my best friend,” she joked.

Since then, her empire has grown. The flower shop serves as a storefront for the jewelry side, too, in addition to wholesaling to stores. They have supplied jewelry to over 250 boutiques, all across the country. Cumber said she has seen the boutiques in Texas really push her product; along with neighboring southern states, plus Utah and Washington. She classifies Petals & Pearls’ style as a little bit of “classy gaudiness,” she said with a laugh. Petals & Pearls makes earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, and works with a largely metallic fall line, and incorporates more colors in the spring line.

Cumber now has two employees: someone to run the floral shop’s day to day and a sales representative for the jewelry side of things. In 2019, after paying out salaries and covering expenses, Petals & Pearls made a profit over $82,000. To this day, she is still hands-on. She said she still does the arrangements for events like weddings, funerals or beauty pageants.

She designs all the jewelry herself, which she usually sketches in a notebook at night after work. All the jewelry is made by hand, and though her business has grown rapidly since its founding, she said that’s one aspect that will never change. Soon she wants to hire more jewelry makers, but said all of her pieces will always be made by hand. What’s more? She’ll always remember why she started in the first place.

“I wanted a line of jewelry that everybody could afford,” she said. “I wanted something that no matter if you made minimum wage or if you made a $150,000 a year, you could afford it. So that’s what we did. We have something for everybody, and we wanted the average person to be able to put a pair of earrings on and feel pretty.”


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  1. This is a very good and true story. I am very happy for you Savannah and equally proud. I know that God is pleased and he will richly bless you and your fanmy.i love you!

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