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When I’m adding color to one’s home I think of it as adding that special necklace to a ladies dress or that perfect tie to a gentleman’s suit.  People need color and want color in their lives…. It’s makes us feel better.  Here are some easy ways to add that special “pop” of color.

Artwork–  Original artwork always subtly enhances the color palette of the room without having to ‘match’ the colors exactly.  Artwork can range from your own child’s to an investment piece.  Make it personal and have meaning

Fabrics– As a designers my favorite element to bring to a space…… Fabrics!!!!  I love the pattern, texture, and the color that gorgeous fabrics bring to a room.  Fabrics are available in every color imaginable not to mention every texture.  Whether I’m using them for window treatments, pillows, or furniture they usually are my front runner of any room.


Lighting–  Table lamps and chandeliers offer the perfect opportunity for me to enhance a little pizazz introducing a fun color and unique charm.  For instance,  I want to introduce a touch of yellow to a room without painting walls or being too overpowering…..have a custom lamp lacquered in yellow.

Flowers–  Flowers can help create a mood and pop of color.  Flowers add that strong contrast to pop a very bold color. Nothing is prettier than gathering a single grouping of flowers in a sentimental container.

Accessories– I always select accessories that are unique-  Color always factors in my choice to a room’s personality but most of all I want to enhance the space and bring it out.


Painted Furniture–  When I choose to paint a piece of furniture it’s usually a repurposed piece and the color makes a strong statement.  Choosing a bold color will make the piece unique.

Rugs–  Don’t forget the floors- it’s the easiest way to add a temporary punch of color to any room.   The fact that it’s underfoot makes it a bit more subtle, plus I always take cues from the rug’s colors to add accents around the room.

Wallpaper–  Wallpaper can be a real statement maker.  Don’t put the wallpaper into competition with another  element in the room – this creates chaos.  Let the wallpaper stand mostly on it’s own.  Powder rooms are a wonderful place to use a ‘statement’ wallpaper.  I think of powder rooms as ‘jewel boxes’ of the home– a lot of punch in a small space.


Pillows–  A mix of pillows add a surprising layer of interest, color and pattern!  You’ve found the perfect fabric but not in your budget to do window treatment—- do pillows!

Wall Paint–  Never underestimate the power of the right wall, ceiling, and trim color.  It’s the backdrop of the entire room!  Most of my walls colors are neutral tones to balance my strong choices seen in other parts of the room such as draperies, accessories,, and pillows.  However, there are times I might  see the need to use a focal wall which can be a perfect way to change up the decor.

Story by Guest Expert Interior Designer Stephanie Willaford // Photos by Phillip Waller and Adam Robison



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