Q & A | Molly Marlin, Owner of MC’s Mobile Boutique


What sparked the idea for a mobile boutique?

I have always dreamed of owning my own boutique, but I wanted to do it in a way that was unique! I personally have always thought outside of the box, and I knew that I wanted to create my store around something that was fun and surprising. Also, I wanted to provide convenience to my shoppers and the only way I could accomplish that was being mobile. My family has always joked since I was little that my middle name is “GO,” so it fits my personality perfectly!

What are the benefits of being mobile?

Mostly, I feel free spirited! I, of course, have the benefit being able to reach out to many different people because of my flexibility in being mobile, and I really love that. Meeting and forming relationships with more people that I most likely wouldn’t be able to reach in a brick-and-mortar building has been the greatest blessing! Life is busy and sometimes finding the time to shop is next to impossible for many people. Knowing that I can make shopping and life a little more fun and unique for my shoppers is special to me.

Tell us about renovating the truck.

Finding the truck was fun! I looked night and day for the perfect look, and finally, one day I was scrolling through Craigslist and came across it! I think my family and friends might have thought I was crazy with the idea, but I knew I could see it and I knew I could make it work! The truck was formerly a snack vendor, and it was far from chic at first glance. I never could have transformed it without the help from my mother, father and boyfriend. My parents and I had a great time doing everything from scratch in the back–memories I will always cherish. The paint job was done by Byrd’s Body Shop in Tupelo, Miss., and they did a fantastic job!

How would you describe the style at MC’s?

Comfy and chic! I love to be comfortable yet chic, so I try to bring that style to the truck. Also, the truck offers great quality clothing that’s affordable.

Where are your common stops?

Right now, Mantachie and Mooreville have been very common stops to spot the truck and Tupelo Flea Market outside of building one and three. The truck can be spotted at local arts festivals in the upcoming months! Also, private home parties and work parties are available. 

How has the community responded to a moving clothing store?

I never imagined how hard it would be to get everyone to see my dream and understand it. People are not familiar with the idea of a mobile boutique, and understandably the shopping experience is something new. But, I think I’m beginning to grow on people. Everyone that has stopped and shopped has loved it! My home town of Mantachie was the first to grant me a permit and for that I am grateful! Tupelo and Fulton cities are currently working out the details to allow me to visit their cities, and I’m excited and thankful for that! Overall, everyone has been very positive and supportive in all my efforts.

What are your plans for MC’s mobile boutique?

To expand to more cities and, most of all, continue to offer a unique and convenient shopping experience to my customers. I have recently have expanded the selection of clothing to include children’s in addition to women’s.

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