Senior Column: Dontavius Webb

by Dontavius Webb

These days no one gets to the top alone without a little advice from those who came before them. Whether you’re a freshman ready to start your high school career or a senior about to finish, this year brings excitement and fear. No matter what your brain tells you, you are ready to endure what this year brings. The fruits of your labor will pay off, which the Class of 2021 is close to seeing come true. After three years of high school, they are finally approaching the year that will solidify all the hard work put in. When my senior year began, I was swamped with the thoughts of the future and the needs to secure what I desired; however, I wish I had known that I would be worrying about things that were temporary.

Though my future is important, those days I spent worrying could’ve been put to better use in ways like enjoying the last few days of my high school career. I think back to freshman year and I remember there were so many things I wish I had known. Coming into high school means that there is more at stake with each class. Whether it’s an elective you need to graduate or a core class like Algebra 1, you have options, each with remarkable consequences. If you brush it off and just coast by without actually giving it a chance, you risk more than just one little grade on your report card. This is the beginning of your GPA formation, meaning every class, every grade, every part of it means more than what the actual eye sees. It’s what colleges are going to look at to determine if you’re the right one for their campus. We all know that college isn’t the only thing life has to offer though, so you’re probably wondering why that’s all people are talking about, but there’s a reason for this.

No matter if you go to college, the work force, trade school, or wherever you see yourself fitting best, the work ethic gained from actually holding yourself accountable in school is what will get you where you need to be. Yeah, math tests can be hard and require more than just sitting in class listening to the sound of pencils moving, writing down formulas, equations and anything else relevant to the course, but your decision to actually give it your best shot and do what you need in order to succeed makes you a candidate for much more than just star student. It gives you the chance to invest in your own future, which means that the legacy you will someday leave is because you chose yourself in a time that was important.

The future of your life depends on what you decide is important right now. This may sound overwhelming, especially considering the fact that at this time you’re juggling your studies and your social life, but it serves best to find a group of people who share your goals and aspirations. Your friends are the ones who will help keep you on your toes in times of trouble. With them being your central basis on and off campus, you have to watch the company you keep. Your future is way too important to throw it away on people who don’t care about their future, let alone yours. Grades aren’t the only important part in securing your future. Try new things and find your passions. It never hurts to explore new avenues in order to expand your chances at success. The chances are endless, once you find your niche.

No matter where you fit in, there are always places for you in society that can take you far beyond your wildest dreams. High school may not be the easiest thing to navigate, but at the end of the day your future is what matters. Apply for those scholarships early, listen in class, do what is best for your future because the only person you have forever is yourself. Always invest in yourself. Remember, to succeed, you have to choose yourself now.

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