Signature Drinks for Your Personality


If a lace sheath, hanging florals and silver serving pieces are on your wedding must-have list, you might be a romantic. We see you saying your vows on the steps of a white colonial home, dancing to a classic like Clair De Lune and sipping a gorgeous martini alongside your blush-clad entourage. We’ve got the drink covered; the rest is up to you!

Fig Martini

Ingredients (for one martini):

2 oz. Vodka of choice

1 fresh fig

1/3 oz. Dry Vermouth


Fresh Thyme

Begin with a sugar rimmed martini glass. Cut fresh fig in half. Remove two sprigs of thyme from bundle. To cocktail shaker, add fig halves, vodka and dry vermouth. Shake well, until shaker becomes very cold. Pour mixture into glass. Remove fig halves from shaker and skewer for garnish. Add thyme sprigs to glass and serve.


Think destination ceremony, intimate outdoor reception and a honeymoon spent hiking. This drink is for the bride in the short dress and sensible shoes whose ring bearer is a dog.  If your wedding décor consists of magnolia trees and mismatched chairs, a casual and refreshing mule should be your drink of choice.

Irish Mule

Ingredients (for one mule):

2 oz. Irish whiskey of choice

4 oz. Ginger beer

2 limes

1 sprig of mint


Fill copper mug with ice. Add whiskey and the juice of one lime. Top off with ginger beer. Stir well. Cut additional lime into slices for garnish. Place on top with mint sprig and enjoy!


You can’t imagine your day without bright shoes, a retro couch and a pop of confetti! Every aspect of your day screams celebration, including your pastel gown. We have two trendy suggestions: oversized balloons with floral tails and cotton candy cocktails.

Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail

Ingredients (for one cocktail):

1 small piece of cotton candy (we used assorted flavors)

Champagne of choice

Place desired amount of cotton candy in glass. Pour champagne over the top until glass is filled. Allow guests to participate—making this cocktail is half the fun!

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