Something Old, Something New: A Newlywed Home

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By Emma Kent // Photos by Lauren Wood

The inside of Emily and Sam Cobb’s cottage-style home is light and airy, decorated mostly in grays and whites. The neutral palate is anything but stark, though, as the newlyweds have added personal touches that make their first home together cozy and inviting.

Emily, a dental hygienist, and Sam, who works in construction, met at Ingomar High School. Emily graduated in 2013, and Sam graduated in 2014. The couple has lived in their current home since they were married in October. They also recently added a member to their young family, 15-week-old Great Dane puppy Willow.

The house was built in the 1940s, and according to Emily, is one of the oldest homes in Ingomar. Sam’s parents bought the house in 1997 and lived there until about ten years ago. His parents still own the house, and it sits on roughly 250 acres of land in Ecru. His parents also have a house on the land, just a few minutes from Sam and Emily.

Sam always wanted to live in the original house again one day, so when he and Emily got married, they decided to make it their home. The challenge for the couple has been making the house their own. Since last spring, Sam, Emily and Sam’s parents have been updating the home project-by-project.

“It needed a little TLC,” Emily said.

The biggest transformation the house has undergone was opening up the kitchen to the dining room and adding bar seating. The kitchen is now light, bright and open, with light grey-and-white speckled granite countertops and a big window over the sink that frames the magnolia tree next to the house. Sam and Emily have been helping out some with the work along the way.

“It’s been a little bit stressful helping to renovate the home and especially while we were planning the wedding, but it’s been good,” Emily said.

Besides changes to the house itself, the couple has also brought their style into the house through furniture and decor, although Sam admits the decorating is more Emily’s thing.

“I leave it to Emily — her and my mom, they’re the two experts,” he said.

Framed wedding photos throughout the home make it feel personalized and remind Sam and Emily of their beautiful wedding day. The couple also saved the welcome sign from their wedding, and it’s now displayed in the back entryway.

Emily stuck to a clean and simple color scheme when it came to decorating. Mixed in with all of the whites, creams and grays are shades of blue and plenty of farmhouse style.

“My favorite show is Fixer Upper — I just love Chip and Joanna Gaines — so I’ve been really inspired by them,” she said.

Emily’s favorite space in the house is the back room off of the kitchen, although she said she’s not quite finished with it yet. One of her favorite pieces of furniture, an antique bench, sits in the room ready to welcome guests to their home.

“That’s one of those things we had a lot of fun choosing,” she said. “I really wanted it to be inviting when people come in.”

The room is full of windows and includes a small sitting area, as well as offers views of the land that sprawls out behind the couple’s house.

Emily also brought some sentimental pieces with her into the house. Her grandmother, who passed away in 2010, gave her a bedroom suite and some pieces of pottery and other items. That bedroom suite is now in the Cobbs’ guest bedroom, and the pottery is displayed throughout the house.

“She was one of my favorite ladies, so I’m glad I hung on to those things,” Emily said.

Aside from some updates, the house maintains a lot of its original charm with crown molding, built-ins, lots of windows, a fireplace and a front door with a rounded top. Emily and Sam are also hoping to brick the living room fireplace, among other smaller projects inside.

“We’re just doing it little by little,” she said.

There are some projects planned for the home’s exterior, too. Behind the house is a small brick building. It used to be a game room and has slowly turned into storage, but Sam’s parents have plans to revamp it and put it to use as living space in the near future. In the spring, the exterior of the house will be painted, changing it from red brick to an off-white.

“It’s going to make the outside totally different, so we’re excited about that,” Emily said.



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