Something Old

By Ginna Parsons

When it comes to giving a wedding present that’s both unique and memorable, look no further than your local antiques shop. Nothing says timeless like a gift from the past, whether it’s a 19th-century vase or an ornate sterling silver serving spoon or a pair of white English serving platters. You’ll have fun in the hunt, and the happy couple is sure to appreciate a gift steeped in tradition.

Crystal vase | $10 to $2,500

“Everyone needs a vase to fill with flowers. They’re especially pretty to use on a table set with china for dinner parties. A crystal vase is something you can use today and tomorrow. It can also be used as a decorative piece. A vase is versatile.”

– Kay Harrison, Re-Designing Women, New Albany


Cake stand | $25 to $300

“I always give cake stands as wedding gifts. I don’t care who you are, when company comes you want something nice. You can pile up cupcakes or cookies on one. I always give clear glass because they with go with anything. They’re very versatile.”

– Nell Hill, Raymond Trice Company Antique Mall, Verona


Clock | $100 to $3,000

“A good wind-up clock, one that can be repaired, is something that is timeless. They’ll last 200 to 300 years. Some you wind once a week, whereas you wind a cuckoo clock once a day. Clocks never go out of style. They remind you that your marriage is timeless and spending time together is important.”

– Linda Hale, Red Door Antiques, Tupelo


Chest of drawers | $200 and up

“There’s no more practical piece of furniture than a chest of drawers. You can use it in any room of the house – bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room. You can never have too much storage. Several people or members of a family can go in together on this gift. It’s a nice way to start housekeeping.”

– Chad Dickerson, Sanctuary Antiques, Corinth


Lamp | $25 to $1,000

“You can always find a spot for a lamp in your home. It adds ambience, drama and romance to a room. You may start out your marriage with a lamp in one room and years later, it’s in another room. You’ll always remember who gave it to you because a lamp lights your life up.”

– Janet Rose Harmon, Antiques Downtown, Pontotoc


Cut glass bowl | $30 to $800

“A good piece of cut glass, particularly a bowl, is sparkly and pretty and they come in different sizes. You can fill one with pine cones, Christmas ornaments or fresh fruit. You can dress it up or dress it down. It goes with pottery and it goes with fine china. You can use it anywhere.”

– Louis Rowles, The Precious Possum, Amory


Epergne | $50 and up

“Everyone needs a centerpiece of some sort and you can do so much with epergnes. You can use one as a serving piece or do floral arrangements with them or they’re so pretty they can stand by themselves. Some are glass, some are porcelain, some are silver or silverplate and some brass. They make a statement.”

– Jennifer Yancy, Old Taylor Antiques, Taylor

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