Grocery Store Floral Arrangement DIY


Whether you need a floral arrangement for a hostess gift or for your own dining room table, grocery store florals are a fun way to get creative and save a little money. Spring is the perfect time to perfect your floral arranging skills with all the pretty colors available. Start your weekend off beautifully with this Easter-ready arrangement!

flower arrangement01

What You Will Need

Atleast two different kinds of flowers, one having a long stem. We chose tulips and hydrangeas.

Rubber bands (optional, for holding multiple stems together)


Decorative bowl

Masking tape

If you want your flowers to last for more than a couple days, add some water and plant food to the bottom of the bowl before beginning.



Step 1: Lay strips of masking tape across the bowl, horizontally, placing the pieces approximately two inches apart.



Step 2: Repeat with vertical strips.



Step 3: Once you’ve created a masking tape grid, trim the strips of tape so that they barely hang over the sides of the bowl.



Step 4: Beginning with your long-stemmed flowers, place each flower in a grid square along the bottom of the bowl. You will find that some of your stems will need to be trimmed.



Step 5: Repeat until you have placed all your long-stemmed flowers, creating a “bed” on one side of the bowl.



Step 6: Begin placing the other flowers in the row above your long-stemmed flowers, taking special care to straighten and lay flat any leaves.



Step 7: Repeat until your bowl is full.



Step 8: When you’ve place all of the flowers, scan the bowl for any showing tape, and rearrange your flowers to cover it.




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